Golden balls

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three gilt balls used as a sign of a pawnbroker's office or shop; - originally taken from the coat of arms of Lombardy, the first money lenders in London having been Lombards.

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But he took it in good part, and, drawing three little golden balls from his purse, he held them out to Prince Bahman, saying, "Put these in your bosom and you will not forget a third time, for when you remove your girdle to-night the noise they will make in falling will remind you of my wishes.
In the meantime Mrs Bangham had been out on an errand to a neighbouring establishment decorated with three golden balls, where she was very well known.
The veselija has come down to them from a far-off time; and the meaning of it was that one might dwell within the cave and gaze upon shadows, provided only that once in his lifetime he could break his chains, and feel his wings, and behold the sun; provided that once in his lifetime he might testify to the fact that life, with all its cares and its terrors, is no such great thing after all, but merely a bubble upon the surface of a river, a thing that one may toss about and play with as a juggler tosses his golden balls, a thing that one may quaff, like a goblet of rare red wine.
Now she had a golden ball in her hand, which was her favourite plaything; and she was always tossing it up into the air, and catching it again as it fell.
Now be ye friends the heirs of my goal; to you throw I the golden ball.
Captain Jim's small nephew Joe had come down to spend New Year's with his great-uncle, and had fallen asleep on the sofa with the First Mate curled up in a huge golden ball at his feet.
A late strike in a recent 2-1 win over Dundee United in the Irn Bru Cup also saw him pick up the Golden Balls award for the quarter-final stage of the competition earlier this week.
MAN WITH THE GOLDEN BALLS Becks is more about the Olay than the 007
In one of the shots, Becks in his tight white boxers, grabs his golden balls and flaunts his rock-hard abs and in another shows off his tattoos and ruffed up hair, Daily Star reported.
These obsessions also lend weight, however, to Bigas Luna's finest film achievement, his so-called Iberian Trilogy, produced by Andres Vicente Gomez: Jamon, Jamon (1992); Golden Balls (1993); and The Tit and the Moon (1994), a celebration of often earthy Spanish pleasures and a mix of old and new.
5 million books and endless TV hits to his name, this showcase for his talents hopes to elevate him back to prime-time telly as something more than just the host of the Golden Balls quiz show.
I went on the TV show Golden Balls about two years ago and since then I have been a bit obsessed with game shows.