Golden balls

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three gilt balls used as a sign of a pawnbroker's office or shop; - originally taken from the coat of arms of Lombardy, the first money lenders in London having been Lombards.

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But unfortunately for Barbie, he still hasn't got any goldenballs.
Welcome to Goldenballs - the instalment in the Bond franchise in which a villainous maniac is thwarted by a discussion on moisturiser and insider info on where to buy a decent new pair of kecks.
According to a UK publication, the husband of Victoria Beckham, who has been nicknamed Goldenballs, has been snubbed after a row among the officials in charge of the honors.
But if Pitt turned down the role, Goldenballs would be happy with for either Leonardo DiCaprio or Bradley Cooper to play him instead.
It turns out it wasn't Gordon who needed watching - it was Goldenballs.
Goldenballs won the dads' 100m race at his son Cruz's sports day, leaving the other fathers trailing.
First Goldenballs himself David Beckham was spotted from a passing tour bus wearing only underpants while posing for a fashion photo shoot.
Something like GoldenBalls is very intense and I'm focused on it at the time, but when it finishes, no problem - golf courses here I come.
To play repeats of the game show Goldenballs so soon after the original was screened is a real penny pinching exercise.
Goldenballs (ITV1, 5pm) GOLDENBALLS is the new kid on the gameshow block.
AT 5pm every weekday a show entitled Goldenballs is screened on ITV.
Posh Spice is obviously keeping old Goldenballs Beckham on a tight leash since those Rebecca Loos allegations.