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 (gōld′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər), Barry Morris 1909-1998.
American politician. A Republican who served as US senator from Arizona (1953-1965 and 1969-1987) and ran unsuccessfully for president in 1964, he is credited with founding the conservative movement that came to dominate the Republican Party.


(ˈgoʊldˌwɔ tər, -ˌwɒt ər)
Barry Morris, 1909–98, U.S. politician: U.S senator 1953–64 and 1968–87.
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Ironically, Goldwater - whose family ran a chain of department stores - often said, "The thing the Goldwaters have done best for the past hundred years in Arizona is sell pants.
delivering mail, the Goldwaters thrived on government largesse, directly
BEFORE THE STORM: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the
Goldwater loved for the Eastern press to write about him as a sort
things about Eisenhower's budgets, in which Goldwater detected
glittering" Goldwater of '58 was pretty much the same
but still firmly in place, Goldwater and his brand of conservatism were
organizations, and who were effective in raising Goldwater to the level
started to draft Goldwater for the Republican presidential nomination.
We have had more lackadaisical aspirants than Goldwater for our
Whether he liked it or not, Goldwater was branded as the candidate
though, Goldwater did win the five meanest Dixie states, and Mississippi