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Cabe resaltar que esta seleccion de estudio obedecio a que las aves, al estar en ambientes abiertos, facilitan la observacion y explicacion de las funciones que estas desarrollan en su medio natural (nicho), asi como las variaciones en numero, distribucion, migracion y regulacion de otras especies tanto animales como vegetales -biodiversidad- (Cowardin, Carter, Golet & LaRoe , 2013; Dugan, 1990).
daily movements, home ranges) scales may influence the thermal regimes they experience (Cooper and Uzmann, 1980; Lawton and Lavalli, 1995; Watson et al, 1999; Golet et al, 2006; Bowlby et al, 2007; ASMFC, 2009; Scopel et al, 2009; Goldstein and Watson, 2015).
Precipitation and air temperature cover the period 1 May to 1 November 2011 Experimental site Coordinates Climate Sweden--Erken 59[degrees]49'59"N Boreal 18[degrees]33'55"E Estonia--Vortsjarv 58[degrees]12'17"N Boreal 26[degrees]06'16"E Germany--Muggelsee 52[degrees]26'0"N Transient 13[degrees]39'0"E maritime/continental Czech Republic--Vodnany 49[degrees]09'14"N Transient 14[degrees]10'11"E maritime/continental Turkey--ODTU-DSI Golet 39[degrees]52'38"N Transient/continental 32[degrees]46'32"E Mediterranean Greece--Lysimachia 38[degrees]33'40"N Mediterranean 21[degrees]22'10"E Experimental site Altitude, Total Air m a.
Cowardin LM, Carter V, Golet FC, LaRoe ET (1979) Classification of wetlands and deepwater habitats of the United States, U.
Desjardins) Golet, 51, formerly of Worcester, died Thursday, February 21, 2013, after a couragous battle with brain cancer.
Occurrence data (mean measured concentrations) from Golet et al.
Recently, Golet [8] used the idea of 2-normed space to define the random 2-normed space.
Prior studies of Hg in turtles indicate that total Hg levels are usually highest in the liver (Burger, 2002; Golet & Haines, 2001; Gordon, Pople, & Ng, 1998; Linder & Grillitsch, 2000; Sakai et al.
31) A sensation perhaps comparable to the 'nausee dans les mains' that Roquentin feels as he handles the golet (Sartre, OR, p.
the junk food hypothesis [Piatt and Anderson, 1996; Golet et al.