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n.1.See Gumbo.
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ICC-01/05-01/09, Judgment on the Appeal of Mr Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo Against the Decision of Trial Chamber III of 24 June 2010 Entitled "Decision on the Admissibility and Abuse of Process Challenges", [paragraph] 107 (Oct.
Battulg Gombo is the founder, head and sole qualified coach of the Mongolia Amateur Cricket Association, a fledgling organisation consisting of a handful of Mongolians in Melbourne and expatriate Australians, British and Indians in Ulan Bator, and his mission is for Mongolia to field a team in international cricket.
6, 2013) (discussing the sixteen cases in seven situations that have been brought before the ICC and listing Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Laurent Gbagbo, Germain Katanga, Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, and Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo as the five individuals who are in detention).
We assess this using simulated seasonal livestock mortality data for 2000 households--500 households for four locations: North Horr and Kargi (Dirib Gombo and Logologo) in Chalbi (Laisamis) cluster.
6392: Gombo Village, SW Poli, Vallee des Roniers, small seeping source at the village, bush savanna, Zebu-grazed, just at the beginning of leaf emergence; Prov.
Bemba Gombo, for example, the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber found that cumulative charging was unfair to the defense and declined to confirm charges of torture and outrages on personal dignity because the underlying sexual violence was incorporated within the charge of rape.
Ils recueillent ainsi les ingredients a ajouter au gombo (7) communautaire qui sera servi le soir meme a l'occasion d'une soiree dansante, appelee << bal >> (Lindhal 2004).
Tsogtsaikhan Gombo is the Director of the Mon-Atom company of Mongolia.
Bemba, Decision Pursuant to Article 61(7)(a) and (b) of the Rome Statute on the Charges of the Prosecutor Against Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, 195, Case No.
Some examples of studies on Tibetan refugees in Nepal include works by Claes Corlin (1975), Ugen Gombo (1985), Ram Bahadur Chhettri (1990), and Basanta P.
High places are very spiritual for Mongolians, which is why the Gombo family came here to see the tower.