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Noun1.Gombrowicz - Polish author (1904-1969)
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That is, Gombrowicz takes for granted that the subject can always escape, and if not, waiting is a peaceful provisional solution.
As Gombrowicz noted, with one stroke of the pen, Milosz shifted the moral center of European literature one thousand miles east.
Among their topics are language and memory in Nabokov's "Revolution," Gombrowicz living on the margins in exile and loving it, Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the phenomenology of exile and the management of pain in Dubravka Ugresic's The Ministry of Pain, and Norman Manea's eternal exile.
Al adentrarse en el idioma de ese pais encuentra autores que le hacen descubrirse a si mismo y enriquecen su vision del arte y del mundo: Jan Kott, Witold Gombrowicz, Stanislaw Witkiewicz y, sobre todo, Bruno Schultz, algunos de cuyos singulares textos tradujo al volver a Mexico.
Bustos Domecq (reiterativo aclarar que es el pseudonimo conjunto de Jorge Luis Borges y Adolfo Bioy Casares) y Wiltod Gombrowicz.
Cztowieklitera (Letter man) and Ludzie-skorpiony (Scorpion men), both published in 1989, are filled with literary allusions, pastiches and references that span from Robert Louis Stevenson to Witold Gombrowicz.
premieres of plays by Gombrowicz (Princess Ivona), Labiche (The Coaldust Affair) and Tirso de Molina (Heaven Bent, Hell Bound).
The heroes of Codrescu's book are writers in exile - writers who try to stay writers outside their country, like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Czeslaw Milosz, Witold Gombrowicz and Milan Kundera (an exception, who lives not in the United States but in France).
La historia de Gombrowicz en la Argentina es de sobra conocida.
Among these 501 tomes there is only one by a Polish author: Witold Gombrowicz.
En la seccion de los precursores, aparecen Gombrowicz (y la socorrida escena de la traduccion poliglota y babelica de Ferdydurke en el cafe Rex), la gauchesca (en un interesante ensayo sobre la oralidad de los gauchos piglianos que cuentan la violencia, aunque falta la referencia a Barrenechea) y Walsh (en torno a la idea de homenaje).