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n. Slang
1. An unsophisticated person; a yokel.
2. A patient considered irksome by a health care provider, especially a patient with chronic complaints that are trivial or unresponsive to repeated treatment.

[After Gomer Pyle, yokel character in the television series The Andy Griffith Show.]


1. (Medicine) a disagreeable hospital patient
2. (Military) military slang an inept colleague or trainee


(ˈgoʊ mər)
n. Slang.
1. an undesirable hospital patient.
2. an enemy aviator, esp. in a dogfight.
[1965–70; of disputed orig.]
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This project is allowing us to exploit the spatial heterodyne technology developed while I was at the University of South Carolina and the FAST technology developed by CISS to provide significant UV Raman throughput enhancements thus allowing more widespread use of this valuable spectroscopic technique", said Gomer.
Prompted by the wonderful poet, editor and counsellor, Ceri Wyn Jones at Gomer, three years ago to take on two books - The Best Welsh XV Ever and the still unwritten Gonzo - I took the plunge.
Dinefwr -- A Phoenix in Wales Gerald Morgan (Gwasg Gomer, PS19.
I had just finished my night shift at the Western Mail and was walking home through Gorsedd Gardens when I saw two policemen standing in the doorway of number 22 Park Place, Cardiff, the residence of Gomer Charles.
Dr Gomer is widely recognized for her exceptional skills in cosmetic and general dentistry.
Russell Gomer (left) as Elwyn, and Ieuan Rhys as his roommate Kelly
x GOMER Rodney Beloved son of Bill, at peace after pain.
Gomer Davies and former Wales flanker Richard Parks have just returned from Nairobi where they coached 100 youngsters and helped in a project to build a new toilet block for a school.
Gomer avoided confronting her situation for two months until she finally had "a huge bump in the middle of my shin.
Gomer Pyle for five years on CBS, was pinned by Gen.
TRICIO: With lettuce and parsley as a lure, a snail named Gomer won through yesterday in a race of molluscs dragging 30 times their own weight.
Gomer of the Howard Hughes Institute at Rice University in Houston.