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n.1.Separation of the sexes in different individuals; - opposed to hermaphroditism.
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However, increasing evidence indicates that some species are diandric hermaphrodites, such as the catface grouper (Epinephelus andersoni) (Fennessy and Sadovy, 2002), and Sadovy and Colin (1995) confirmed gonochorism, with the potential for protogynous sex change, in the Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus).
loreto, to exhibit gonochorism (De Mitcheson and Liu, 2008) and nest-building behaviour with demersal spawning and male parental care (Asoh and Shapiro 1997; Sazima et al.
Bisexual juvenile gonad and gonochorism in the fairy basslet Gramma loreto.
The sex of bivalves is categorized into gonochorism and hermaphroditism just as in other sexual reproduction organisms.
The sex allocation pattern of various populations of spotted sand bass are thought to vary from functional gonochorism to strict protogyny.
Our conclusion about gonochorism emphasizes function; in other words, all individuals reproduce exclusively as either male or female during their lives (Sadovy de Mitcheson and Liu, 2008).
The problem of whether gonochorism or hermaphroditism is the ancestral state was also thoroughly discussed by Sella and Ramella (1999).
Furthermore, colonial animals have rarely been monitored over time, so it has been difficult to distinguish gonochorism from sequential hermaphroditism (hermaphroditism with discrete, separated periods of male and female maturity) at any level.
Late gonochorism, protandry, protogyny, and hermaphroditism are the recognized reproductive styles of sparids (Smale, 1988; Buxton and Garratt, 1990).