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n.1.(Zool.) A sexual zooid, or medusoid bud of a hydroid; a gonophore. See Hydroidea, and Illust. of Campanularian.
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In addition, the relationship between immature gonozooid production and quantitative estimates of colony growth form (i.
4), 12-mm colonies exhibited immature gonozooid investment that was similar to control colonies initially (up to 30 d), and then in some cases greater than controls for the remainder of the experiment (see analysis below).
Compared to colonies in freshwater, colonies in brackish water generally have taller hydrocauli, more and larger gonozooids, and more and longer tentacles (Kinne, 1958).
The most visible polyps are the gastrozooids (responsible for feeding), the gonozooids (reproductive), and the tentacles, which are specialized and highly retractile polyps.
The initiation of medusa production was defined as the day after the first medusa buds became visible on gonozooids of the colony.
symbiolongicarpus colonies have a greater mean time from metamorphosis to the appearance of mature gonozooids (mean [+ or -] standard error in days; 53.