Good fellowship

companionableness; the spirit and disposition befitting comrades.

See also: Fellowship

References in classic literature ?
He may bubble with wit, or expand with good fellowship.
So amid great merriment and right good fellowship the outlaws shook Middle by the hand, and he took oath of fealty, and thought no more of the Sheriff's daughter.
I gave him a friendly greeting by way of good fellowship, but did not ask him any questions.
The lacquey laughed, unsheathed his gourd, unwalletted his scraps, and taking out a small loaf of bread he and Sancho seated themselves on the green grass, and in peace and good fellowship finished off the contents of the alforjas down to the bottom, so resolutely that they licked the wrapper of the letters, merely because it smelt of cheese.
Retreat of the Blackfeet Fontenelle's camp in danger Captain Bonneville and the Blackfeet Free trappers Their character, habits, dress, equipments, horses Game fellows of the mountains Their visit to the camp Good fellowship and good cheer A carouse A swagger, a brawl, and a reconciliation
Nor had his been the methods of good fellowship, the sharing of "good turns," the camaraderie of finance.
Anne lighted a few sticks of driftwood in the fireplace, for love of the pixy flames, and they sat around it for an hour of good fellowship.
The moments glided on, while a feeling of good fellowship passed around the circle like a mystic cord, holding and binding these people together with jest and laughter.
At the college there had been good fellowship, fun, rules, and duties which were a source of strength when observed and a source of delicious excitement when violated, freedom from ceremony, toffee making, flights on the banisters, and appreciative audiences for the soldier in the chimney.
They showed this spirit of unanimity in every action of life; everything was done in concert and good fellowship.
Saleh Usman as the new FOC, advised the naval personnel to sustain the good fellowship and give maximum support to the incoming FOC for the task ahead.
My pledge to you is the same as many NDTA officers have taken in the past: "Do you hereby pledge, that you will faithfully execute the duties of your office, to the utmost of your ability, and to obey the laws of our God, our Country and our organization, and to exemplify to all in your conduct: good citizenship, good fellowship, and all the ideals of the National Defense Transportation Association?