Goods wagon

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a freight car [Eng.] See the Note under Car, n., 2.

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1759, with tender, three carriages and a goods wagon which sold for pounds 2,600
And it is surprisingly quiet - it's only when there's a heavy goods wagon that you feel it.
The refugees were found inside a freezing cold metal goods wagon at Rugby, Warwickshire, after pounding on the walls begging to be released.
In addition, there is almost every type of goods wagon that could be imagined, many being sold in lots of 10, while unboxed wagons are in large lots.
It is only when there is a heavy goods wagon that you feel it.
And, after tackling jobs ranging from cutting down overgrown shrubs to building fencing, the area now boasts an embankment slide, a wooden train complete with engine, carriage and goods wagon, a seesaw, four picnic benches, two seating benches and five pixie seats.
5 tonne goods wagon slammed into the back of a motorcyclist when it slowed for traffic, causing the rider serious injuries.
TWO boys survived eight days trapped in a railway goods wagon by drinking its cargo of stale beer.
I've been told the driver of the goods wagon was unharmed, so it's lucky that nobody was injured in the incident and it happened at such an early time in the morning when there was nobody around.
Then the cheering turned to a loud groan because the train that thundered passed wasn't their train but a goods wagon.
A SNAPPED axle on a private goods wagon is believed to have triggered last Friday's fatal rail smash.
A broken axle on a private goods wagon is thought to have caused the rail crash which killed one man and injured 20 others.