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 (fō′tō) Informal
n. pl. pho·tos
A photograph.
tr. & intr.v. pho·toed, pho·to·ing, pho·tos
To photograph or take photographs.
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I would start by looking at your photos - using Google photos should mean you are able to store all your photos online, giving you more space.
7 (ANI): Technology giant Google on Wednesday announced that Google Lens, the company's visual search engine that recognises images and scans business cards, will be rolled out to all Google Photos users on Android phones.
Within its first year of existence, Google Photos saw more than 25bn selfies uploaded onto its servers, according to Anil Sabharwal, vice president of Google Photos.
It can learn which faces are important if you take a 3-second close up or give it permission to learn from shots in an existing Google Photos library
In the past, Google Photos would automatically create the movies based on stored images that are linked into special occasions, however users can now custom-make their movies.
Besides, Nokia 2 allows you to save all your memories with a memory card that can contain a large number of photos and videos and lets you upload them to Google Photos.
If you're an android user, Google photos is one of the best options out there for you.
The devices can show details about restaurants, launch a video chat over Google Duo and pull up images hosted on Google Photos.
The devices supports Google Maps, Google Photos, and YouTube, yes, the same video streaming site that Google pulled down from the Echo Show after a petty feud with Amazon.
For some users, even the photos app, which tends to take up a lot of space, can be turned off if they have other cloud services they use, like Google Photos.
You will always have the extra capacity you need for the memories you capture with its dedicated memory card slot and unlimited photo and video uploads to Google Photos.
Lens was first made available within Google Photos last month as part of the Pixel 2 launch, and now Google says Lens will soon arrive as a built-in feature of Google Assistant starting in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore "in the coming weeks," the blog post reads.