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n.1.A spiritual teacher, guide, or confessor among the Hindus; a guru. who has expert knowledge of a technical area and serves as an advisor to others; an expert and teacher. Usually written guru. intellectual or spiritual guide or advisor; a mentor. Usually written guru.
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Cloud computing in terms of price, efficiency and flexibility and other advantages also attracted attention of many small and medium enterprises, according to the survey, the Gooroo company in the UK, there are 54% small and medium enterprises plan to use cloud computing, of which 12% enterprises have already use cloud computing services.
Mobile applications developer W3 Mobile announced on Friday the release of its new Mobile App Live Gooroo.
Dig It Projects, run by Richard Smith from Saltburn, is now the Gooroo Innovative Business of the Year following this year's Startup Awards.
107 Consult Sirdar Attar Singh Bhadaur's introduction to his English translation of the text Sakhee Book or the Description of Gooroo Gobind Singh's Religion and Doctrines, translated from Gooroo Mukhi into Hindi and afterwards into English (Benares: the Medical Hall Press, 1873), vii.
With the addition of Budget Analyzer to SEM Insight, advertisers can now see not only their competitors' search traffic, impressions and other optimization efforts, but also what they spend," said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 15, 2011-W3 Mobile introduces Live Gooroo App(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
31 percent decrease in June," said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.
this month based on data included in this report, the sixth released by AdGooroo to date," said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.
With such a wide range of predictions about the Q4 performance of leading search engines, many were taken by surprise to see a record Q4 for Google," said AdGooroo's Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.
8 percent, surprisingly low given the brisk pace of online holiday sales," said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes in the new report.
MSN looks to be in a strong position thanks to their ability to retain existing advertisers and bring in new ones in droves despite an uncertain economic environment," said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.
In the most heated and important competition of the year, applying the right technology offers us a tremendous amount of insight into the candidates' presence on the Web and the relative boost each receives from their efforts to connect with voters online," said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.