Goose quill

a large feather or quill of a goose; also, a pen made from it.

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They had to have a reed or a goose quill - both of which were expensive to buy and difficult to use.
It was a joy to handle and despite having been fractured some four inches from the tip - and someone had fitted a goose quill to cover the fracture - a fault which I failed to notice in my hurry to buy it, I really treasured it.
AELRIC adjusted his fingerless gloves and carefully carved a neat nib on a fresh goose quill.
Members were invited to take part in a draw for these loaves by signing their names using a goose quill pen and soot ink.
Humans have been creating graffiti ever since we moved indoors to live in caves, and as soon as someone split the end of a goose quill we became journal writers.
In other words we wanted to see ink on paper,or even vellum or parchment, whether written by goose quill,ballpoint,fountain pen, typewriter or electronic printer, although,obviously a typed entry would have been given preference for clarity.
The ingredients are the finest, including jam made from a 14th century French recipe which involves taking the seeds from redcurrants using a goose quill.
Mr Donald Jackson, aged 61, will spend six years using goose quill pens on fine calfskin leather for the 1,150 pages.
women who handles [sic] a goose quill with diamond point as handily as any of
Following two years of intense preparation, calligrapher Donald Jackson wrote the initial verse of the Gospel of John using a goose quill on calfskin vellum.
Jean-Christophe Novelli used some of the finest sandwich ingredients to make the snack, with jam based on a 14th century recipe in which red currant seeds are removed by hand using a goose quill.
Visit Hentze Family Farms for a gorgeous selection of goose quills, which you also can use to decorate the dinner table.