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It began with thousands of goosestepping troops lined up in Kim Il Sung Square to form words and slogans.
Could you imagine the disgusting sight of Birmingham's Town Hall and Council House swathed in Nazi flags and the nightmare spectacle of goosestepping German soldiers marching down New Street?
Nazi taste DRUNKEN Heinz Bakker, 49, was arrested after he stripped naked and started goosestepping and giving Hitler salutes outside a pol ice station at Hagen, Germany in protest at being f ined for drink-driving.
THE 60th birthday party held by China's communist authorities was staged with great ceremony, goosestepping troops and spectacular fireworks.
The tremendous form of the CBSO strings was matched by wonderful wind solos in Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony, where inward grieving has to be counterbalanced by goosestepping propaganda (brass and percussion gripping in these episodes).
Newly-released documents reveal the Nazi leader wanted to see his stormtroopers goosestepping down the seaside resort's Golden Mile and the Swastika fluttering on Blackpool Tower.
This tongue-in-cheek documentary asks, is there still a place for goosestepping and Kraut jokes on the comedy circuit?
The parade featured armaments, goosestepping soldiers and mass shouting in praise of Kim.
LAZIO'S right-wing ultras could soon be goosestepping out of the Stadio Olimpico with president Claudio Lotito keen to build a new stadium in the countryside.
He also did a rather good Hitler impersonation, combing his hair down and pencilling on a moustache, before goosestepping and speaking in a German accent.