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n.1.Ghost; spirit.
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v]) The concluding section of this conflated version returns to the Charter for its closing paragraph, and the text then ends with a striking red and black drawing of an abbey and the words 'Abbathia sancte Spiritus Here endi[thorn] a book [thorn]at is cleped [thorn]e abbey of [thorn]e / holy goost [thorn]e whiche is founded in clene conscience' (fol.
That is, The fruytes of the holy goost in goostly trees of relygyon is charite, ioye, peas, pacience, sufferaunce or long abydyng.
Helpith now / pat the habitacioun Of the holy goost, our recreacioun, Be in myn herte now and eueremore.
5: |For the apostlis of Crist & othir seintis weren not graduat men in scolis but the Holi Goost sodenli enspirid hem & maden hem plenteuous [sic] of heuenli loore.