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n.1.Ghost; spirit.
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Sapience reassures his addressee: 'Now restfuller in thy goost be withynne | hat ouer ferd art.
Frutes of the Holy Goost (STC 13608) and two indulgenced images of pity (STC 14077c.
Similarly, the attack on the religious, the modern Pharisees, which closes both commentary and tract, ends with an appeal to God to save good Christians from this "yvel that is synne agenes the Holy Goost.
receptis de denariis collectis per garciones villae Ripon hoc anno et datis tam ad novam cellaturam parcell' del Rooff in navi ecclesiae praedictae quam pro nova factura cujusdam nebulae pro lee Holy Goost, ut patet indentura inter dictos garciones et istum computantem confecta super hunc compotum ostensa.
v]) The concluding section of this conflated version returns to the Charter for its closing paragraph, and the text then ends with a striking red and black drawing of an abbey and the words 'Abbathia sancte Spiritus Here endi[thorn] a book [thorn]at is cleped [thorn]e abbey of [thorn]e / holy goost [thorn]e whiche is founded in clene conscience' (fol.
Trusty and welbeloued /--To /Oe Right Dere in god /--for thrifty Persons /--notable persones /--To our trusty and welbeloued / worshipful fader yn god /--our Welbeloued seruant Robert Rodyngton /--be holy Trinite /--the holy goost /--Right trusty and Welbeloued brother /--by oure holy fader /--Right worshipful and worshipful faders yn god / right trusty and welbeloued /--be porer partye /--by oure poure ligeman Iohan Bone /--late clerc of oure saide Chapelle /--almighty god /--vpon espirituel persones as temporel /--afore oure chief Iustice of oure benche /--sacred bishop /--by a poure tenant of oures [.
As wel in goost as body chast was she, For which she floured in virginitee With alle humylitee and abstinence With alle attemperaunce and pacience.
Ther was greet showyvng bothe to and fro To lifte hym up, and muchel care and wo, So unweeldy was this sory palled goost.
This book comprehendip <al pe oolde and newe> testament and techip pleyn<li [openly] pe mysteries> of pe trynytee and of Cristis incarnacio<un, passioun,> risynge azen, and stiynge [ascension] into heuene; and sendyng doun of pe hooly goost and prechynge of pe gospel; and pe comyng of Antecrist; and pe general doom of Crist, and pe glorie of chosun men to blisse and pe peynes of hem pat schulen be dampned in helle; and ofte rehersip pe stories of pe oolde testament and bryngip in [discusses or encourages] pe kepyng of Goddis heestis [commandments] and loue of enemyes.
Thomas cannot afford such enemies: "Humble thy goost be nat sturdy of herte; / Bettre than thow art han they maad to smerte" (134/692-93).