Gordie Howe

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Noun1.Gordie Howe - Canadian hockey player who holds the record for playing the most games (born 1928)
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The Gordie Howe International Bridge will make the flow of people and goods faster, simpler and more secure at one of the busiest Canada-U.
Both leaders said they "look forward to the expeditious completion of the Gordie Howe International Bridge (between Windsor and Detroit), which will serve as a vital economic link between our two countries.
From sports legends like golfing champion Arnold Palmer, hockey superstar Gordie Howe and MMA's Kimbo Slice, to innovative greats like PBS newscaster Gwen Ifill, Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej and former first lady Nancy Regan, there were several prominent figures to whom fans were forced to say goodbye during 2016.
Poignantly, Gretzky pays special homage to the original great one himself, Gordie Howe, who passed away earlier this year.
You could find out from the pages of the Detroit papers whose teeth Gordie Howe loosened with an elbow or which Southeastern Conference (SEC) football program was being accused of cheating on the day you were born (chances are, a story about SEC cheating would be in any random newspaper you pick, and you would only have to be 60 or younger).
along with the family of hockey legend Gordie Howe, will collaborate on a three-year effort ("The Gordie Howe Initiative") to support clinical research and increase awareness about TBI with an initial focus on war veterans, athletes and automobile accident victims.
Goals scored by Red Wing Gordie Howe in his National Hockey League career
The Philippine Blu Boys avoided further embarrassment when they spoiled the perfect game bid of pitcher Juan Potoliccho in yesterday's 7-0, five-inning defeat to Argentina in the Men's World Softball Championship at the Gordie Howe Park in Saskatoon, Canada.
A tribute dinner Friday night honouring Gordie Howe -- a Kinsmen event to raise money for charity -- has prompted many people to recall memories of meeting Mr.
Gabe's grandmother comes for a visit and tells Gabe that number 9 belonged to two of the greatest hockey legends of all time, Maurice "Rocket" Richard and Gordie Howe.
Gordie Howe played in the National Hockey League at 52 while long-time Oakland Raiders kicker George Blanda played 26 National Football League seasons before retiring at 48 and Martina Navratilova played top-level tennis at 49.