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 (gôr′də-mər), Nadine 1923-2014.
South African writer whose works, such as July's People (1981), often address the racial tensions of her homeland. She won the 1991 Nobel Prize for literature.


(Biography) Nadine. born 1923, South African novelist. Her books include The Lying Days (1952), The Conservationist (1974), which won the Booker prize, None to Accompany Me (1994), and The House Gun (1998). Her works were banned in South Africa for their condemnation of apartheid. Nobel prize for literature 1991


(ˈgɔr də mər)
Nadine, born 1923, South African writer: Nobel prize 1991.
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Noun1.Gordimer - South African novelist and short-story writer whose work describes the effects of apartheid (born in 1923)
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The following are the opinions of a number of authors on Mahfouz's works: Nadin Gordimer (Photo courtesy Wikimedia) "One of the greatest creative talents in the realm of the novel in the world.
Autopsy of a Father belongs on the shelf next to works by authors like Nadine Gordimer and Magda Szabo.
Judy Blume, Maurice Sendak, Shel Silverstein, Alvin Schwartz, Leslea Newman, and Nadine Gordimer used to regularly cause pearl-clutching patrons and parents to have conniptions, so I worried that we Jews were losing our edge.
Among his topics are postmodernism and black writing in South Africa, the ideology of reconciliation: its effects on South African culture, Alex La Guma: the man and his work, Herman Charles Bosman: in search of the "true" Afrikaners, South African fiction: writers at the barricades, Coetzee's White Writing: On the Culture of Letters in South Africa, Nadine Gordimer at 75, and how I write.
Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer published July's People in 1981, which depicted white-minority rule and its collapse.
We are covering this state of mourning-though we be mourners ourselves: observers and participants of this sudden disruption of life, what Nadine Gordimer noted so precisely as the constant state of tension in the writer (and by extension the journalist).
A close reading of Gordimer's novels reveals that the process of female identity formation in a tense political context is more complicated in comparison with the process the characters portrayed through the ideal lens of the liberal Gordimer go through.
The execution of the project documentation and technical specifications for the implementation and Acceptance of construction works (STWiORB), together with cost estimation for investors to revitalize the House of John Paul II, 6, along with Nadine Gordimer and yard management (plot no 846/41).
Like Gordimer, Brink had been among the few particularly distinguished white South African writers whose denunciation of white privilege and enunciation of enlightened humane values potentially applicable to all humankind did not only become the presiding concern of their art but was also expressed in their "heretical" association with the ANC (that is, rather than the National Party or better still the Broederbond).
Es el caso de la escritora sudafricana Nadine Gordimer, que partio serenamente de este mundo, el pasado 14 de julio en su casa de su natal Johannesburgo, a la edad de noventa anos.
On 13 July the world woke up to the news that Nadine Gordimer, the Nobel-prize-winning South African author, freedom fighter and anti-apartheid campaigner, had died in her Johannesburg home at the age of 90.
Nadine Gordimer ou know you've made it when your work gets banned - and South African Nadine Gordimer was no stranger to censorship.