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n. pl. ar·thro·gry·po·ses (-sēz)
The permanent fixation of a joint in a contracted position.

[arthro- + Late Latin grȳpōsis, hooking (from Late Greek grūpōsis, from Greek grūpousthai, to become hooked, from grūpos, hook-nosed).]
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6)] hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis, even cardiovascular collapse Type 2 (also known Salt retention, Normal or low as Gordon syndrome, hyperkalemia, aldosterone, low familial metabolic acidosis renin hyperkalemia and in infancy, hypertension, and hypertension 2-4 chloride shunt decades later syndrome) (autosomal dominant or sporadic) [Pathare etal.
McMillin MJ, Beck AE, Chong JX, et al Mutations in PIEZO2 cause Gordon syndrome, Marden-Walker syndrome, and distal arthrogryposis type 5.
INTRODUCTION: Gordon Syndrome has been indexed as a rare disease in the database of NORD (National Organization for rare diseases), [1] and also in Genetic and rare disease Information center.