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Noun1.Gorgonocephalus - basket starsGorgonocephalus - basket stars        
echinoderm genus - a genus of echinoderms
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3), whereas echinoderms, such as Auslrociclaris canaliculata, Ophiura lymani (Ljungman, 1871), Ophiactis asperula (Philippi, 1858), Gorgonocephalus chilensis (Philippi, 1858), and Anthozoa were significantly more abundant in zones CFE (Fig.
These new stations proved to be, unfortunately, in a high abundance area of basketstars, Gorgonocephalus eucnemis, which coil their arms when disturbed and become entangled in the meshes of the trawl.
In addition, we observed a few specimens of other snails (Odontocymbiola magellanica and Adelomelon ancilla), polychaete tubes (Phy11ochaetopterus socialis and Idanthyrsus armatus), echinoderms (Pseudechinus magellanicus and Gorgonocephalus chilensis), and Patagonian scallop shells.