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A region of ancient Egypt on the eastern delta of the Nile River. According to the Bible, it was inhabited by the Israelites from the time of Jacob until the Exodus.


1. (Placename) a region of ancient Egypt, east of the Nile delta: granted to Jacob and his descendants by the king of Egypt and inhabited by them until the Exodus (Genesis 45:10)
2. a place of comfort and plenty


(ˈgoʊ ʃən)

a pastoral region in Lower Egypt, occupied by the Israelites before the Exodus. Gen. 45:10.
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I said I believed my uncle Abner Moore would take care of me, and so that was why I struck out for this town of Goshen.
He told me when the roads forked I must take the right hand, and five mile would fetch me to Goshen.
The river road's a rocky one, and your feet'll be in a condition when you get to Goshen, I reckon.
One day, in the sick chamber of Father Ephraim, who had been forty years the presiding elder over the Shaker settlement at Goshen, there was an assemblage of several of the chief men of the sect.
It's a bleak and barren country there, not like this land of Goshen you've been used to.
6 acres at Route 3 and Five Points Road, West Goshen Town Centre is five miles from downtown West Chester, which was named No.
Key members of Scientific Herbal Advances presented the facility plans to Goshen lawmakers during their workshop meeting Thursday, May 14.
Combined with the center's position in an affluent, densely populated trade area and no landlord maintenance responsibilities, Goshen Crossing was an ideal property to satisfy the buyer's 1031 exchange.
Now the county hopes to get its Goshen plan back on track.
The Creative Bus Sales used vehicle inventory now includes the CNG-converted 2010 Goshen GC II.
Kruse rejoined the staff at the Goshen Co-Op in 1965.