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A region of ancient Egypt on the eastern delta of the Nile River. According to the Bible, it was inhabited by the Israelites from the time of Jacob until the Exodus.


1. (Placename) a region of ancient Egypt, east of the Nile delta: granted to Jacob and his descendants by the king of Egypt and inhabited by them until the Exodus (Genesis 45:10)
2. a place of comfort and plenty


(ˈgoʊ ʃən)

a pastoral region in Lower Egypt, occupied by the Israelites before the Exodus. Gen. 45:10.
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jpg) press release by the West Goshen Township Police Department.
According to documents submitted to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, the West Goshen township has new legal representation in its dispute against Sunoco Logistics' appeal to be exempt from local regulations.
Furman sold her home in 79 days for 94 percent of list to sale price while the rest of East Goshen Township is at 121 days and 89 percent list to sale price.
Dunn was behind the wheel of the car when it crashed through a guardrail on Route 322 and into a tree in West Goshen Township, Pa.
on Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township.
This new facility, located at 800 North Five Points Road in West Goshen Township, includes 2,400 square meters for its business center and laboratories, including a state-of- the-art separations center with new, preparative scale SMB, HPLC and SFC chromatography equipment.
According to the West Goshen Township police report, Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 was "fully engulfed in flames" when officers responding to a report of an auto accident near Route 322 and Pottstown Pike found it "off the road" and "in the woods".
serves approximately 250 residents in West Goshen Township,
EDT on June 20, 2011 when Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 came off the road and hit a tree in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania.
PSW recently purchased the water system assets of the Linden Court water system, a 30-resident homeowner and condominium development in West Whiteland Township, and purchased the water distribution system that serves three industrial buildings on the former Keystone/MMB Helicopter headquarters property in West Goshen Township.