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n.1.A wiseacre; a person deficient in wisdom; - so called from Gotham, in Nottinghamshire, England, noted for some pleasant blunders.
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The location of the alleged kidnapping was near housing unit for Columbia University dental students, reports Gothamist.
Alphonse Fletcher and the Dakota (Fletcher photo source: NYT) The co-op board at famed Upper West Side building the Dakota has responded to a lawsuit this week alleging racial discrimination and defamation, according to Gothamist, calling the accusations erroneous.
With a record number of tourists streaming into New York City, the renovated Algonquin has a new host to welcome them, according to Gothamist.
Blogs on Demand(TM) provides content from many of the Internet's top blogs, including Engadget, Gizmodo, Gawker, b5media, Gothamist, Mashable, Blogcritics.
Its removal didn't stop several websites -- including Ad Age, Business Insider and Gothamist -- from reposting the advertorial in its entirety.
Hailed by media outlets from the New York Times to Gothamist to the Huffington Post, Occupy Sandy's grassroots relief efforts have been held up as a symbol of community solidarity, and the group has been complicit in the establishment of a prevailing post-Sandy narrative that has Occupy Sandy succeeding where big government failed.
Water has filled its tunnel "wall to wall, ceiling to floor," Gothamist said, and it could take another week to siphon out.
We came to Glenwood Management to see if Governor Cuomo might be here, because he's nowhere to be found," Ava Farkas, a tenant advocate from Inwood, told Gothamist.
His work on urban planning, city politics, and the Millennial generation has been featured In Gothamist, CityLab, The Baffler, and Al-Jazeera America.
Rusty told Gothamist website: "The universal reaction was, 'Oh my God, I couldn't eat that.
The news of the auditions first appeared on the website Gothamist on Thursday, which included a series of tweets from the women who had tried out in Los Angeles.