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New York City. The nickname was popularized by Washington Irving and others in Salmagundi, a series of satirical sketches (1807-1808), and makes reference to English popular tales about Gotham, a village near Nottingham, England, whose villagers were depicted as feigning stupidity and foolishness in order to avoid government impositions.

Goth′am·ite′ (-ə-mīt′) n.


US a native or inhabitant of New York City
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The descriptions of New York City and The Bronx (where this dyed-in-the-wool Gothamite grew up) are so accurate and graphic that it invokes real nostalgia.
As even the average first-year Gothamite knows, the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side are distinct neighborhoods with vastly different characteristics.
A fellow Gothamite and roast mistress stole the show when she roasted Goel at the Book Warming.