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 (gŏt′lənd, gôt′lŭnd)
A region of southeast Sweden comprising several islands in the Baltic Sea, including Gotland Island. Inhabited since the Stone Age, Gotland is the traditional homeland of the Goths.


(ˈɡɒtlənd; Swedish ˈɡɔtlant) ,




(Placename) an island in the Baltic Sea, off the SE coast of Sweden: important trading centre since the Bronze Age; long disputed between Sweden and Denmark, finally becoming Swedish in 1645; tourism and agriculture now important. Capital: Visby. Pop: (including associated islands) 57 677 (2004 est). Area: 3140 sq km (1212 sq miles)


or Gott•land

(ˈgɒt lənd)

an island in the Baltic, forming a province of Sweden. 55,346; 1212 sq. mi. (3140 sq. km). Cap.: Visby.
Got′land•er, n.
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In the ninth century it is supposed to have been carried away by the barbarians, and it reappears, after the conversion of the northern Goths, in the possession of the royal family of Gothland.
Maes concentrates on four of Grabbe's plays: Herzog Theodor von Gothland and Napoleon oder die Hundert Tage from his earlier years, followed by Hannibal and Die Hermannsschlacht from the later ones.
Gothland, Glasgow Bulletin, 14 November 1938, clipping in HH16/212, file 4139, SNA.
All For The Cause 7g Gothland - Hurricane Hattie D Neale 524-242 RPR 125c 110h The owner sent me him from George Moore's.
25) In 1806 Gustav IV, King of Sweden (or, as he was properly known, of the Swedes, Goths and Vends) offered the dispossessed Order Gothland.
Racing also takes place at Huntingdon, where King of Gothland is fancied to build on his recent good form by winning the Racing UK Novices' Handicap Chase.
KING OF GOTHLAND has adjusted well since stepping up to fences and can continue his positive start to the season at Huntingdon today.
In September 1996, the library of the city of Linkoping, the county town of East Gothland, burnt down.
I thought of Beowulf lying wrapped in a blanket among his platoon of drunken thanes in the Gothland billet; Judith going for a 'promenade' to Holofernes' staff-tent; and 'Brunanburgh' with its bayonet-and-cosh fighting - all this came far closer to most of us than the drawing-room and deer-park atmosphere of the eighteenth century.
Examples include such towns as "Wisby on the Swedish island of Gothland and Ormuz on its island at the head of the Persian gulf.
The champion amateur went on to complete a double on Have Your Say, whose 11-length win in the bumper was an "in-house" success for his Broadway, County Wexford-based trainer and owner James Devereux, who stands the seven-year-old's sire, Gothland, and bred the winner from his mare, Wondering Lady.