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 (gŏt′lənd, gôt′lŭnd)
A region of southeast Sweden comprising several islands in the Baltic Sea, including Gotland Island. Inhabited since the Stone Age, Gotland is the traditional homeland of the Goths.


(ˈɡɒtlənd; Swedish ˈɡɔtlant) ,




(Placename) an island in the Baltic Sea, off the SE coast of Sweden: important trading centre since the Bronze Age; long disputed between Sweden and Denmark, finally becoming Swedish in 1645; tourism and agriculture now important. Capital: Visby. Pop: (including associated islands) 57 677 (2004 est). Area: 3140 sq km (1212 sq miles)


or Gott•land

(ˈgɒt lənd)

an island in the Baltic, forming a province of Sweden. 55,346; 1212 sq. mi. (3140 sq. km). Cap.: Visby.
Got′land•er, n.
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Zagreb in Croatia took the top spot in the list as Europe's number one destination this year, followed by Gotland, Sweden at number two, Galicia in Spain is third, Northern Montenegro is in fourth place, Leeds in the UK came fifth, Alentejo in Portugal claimed sixth place, Northern Germany is at seven, Moldova is eighth, Paphos is at number nine and taking the last spot in the top ten,is Le Havre in France.
Gotland, Sweden, was second and the province of Galicia, Spain, third.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has recognized the worlds first commercial HVDC transmission link, in Gotland, Sweden, as a breakthrough milestone in electrical engineering.
Gotland, Sweden, has relatively complete and accessible sequences of Silurian sedimentary rocks (Fig.
In particular, we have a project on the island of Gotland, Sweden where we are helping them meet a real business need of integrating large quantities of wind generation and managing this generation in such a way as to allow the island to be self-sufficient and not reliant on their connection with the mainland.
Leaving Liverpool on July 31, Boudicca will call at Kristiansand in Norway, Visby in Gotland, Sweden, Tallinn, St Petersburg and Copenhagen.
NASDAQ: ELON) said it has been selected for the project Smart Grid Gotland, a large-scale, pioneering smart grid technology demonstration on the island of Gotland, Sweden.
Each year the walled city of Visby on the island of Gotland, Sweden (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is transformed into a carnival fit for King Arthur.
Bergman died at his home on the Baltic islet of Faro, north of the tourist island of Gotland, Sweden, his daughter Eva Bergman, one of his nine children, said.
The Swedish networks supplier and maintainer Swedia Networks AB said on Monday (27 January) that it had won a SEK10m contract to build a new wireless communications system for the regional emergency services organisation in Gotland, Sweden.