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 (gŏt′lənd, gôt′lŭnd)
A region of southeast Sweden comprising several islands in the Baltic Sea, including Gotland Island. Inhabited since the Stone Age, Gotland is the traditional homeland of the Goths.


(ˈɡɒtlənd; Swedish ˈɡɔtlant) ,




(Placename) an island in the Baltic Sea, off the SE coast of Sweden: important trading centre since the Bronze Age; long disputed between Sweden and Denmark, finally becoming Swedish in 1645; tourism and agriculture now important. Capital: Visby. Pop: (including associated islands) 57 677 (2004 est). Area: 3140 sq km (1212 sq miles)


or Gott•land

(ˈgɒt lənd)

an island in the Baltic, forming a province of Sweden. 55,346; 1212 sq. mi. (3140 sq. km). Cap.: Visby.
Got′land•er, n.
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Ridden by the new superstar of the French riding scene Maxime Guyon, Anna Salai "quickened brilliantly" in the words of the Form Book to humble Gotlandia by a length and a half, to earn a move to Newmarket and a crack at the Irish Guineas.
Yves de Nicolay, trainer of Gotlandia "She ran in the Grotte and we didn't put her in the Pouliches, which was probably a good idea when you see what happened.
The daughter of Dubawi beat Gotlandia and Godolphin racing manager Simon Crisford said: "I was very pleased with the performance and I would expect her to go to the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches (French 1000 Guineas).