Gouda cheese

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Noun1.Gouda cheese - mild cream-colored Dutch cheese shaped in ballsGouda cheese - mild cream-colored Dutch cheese shaped in balls
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
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PRETTY GIRL: And some gouda cheese 'n'fruit 'n' crackers .
I don't know about the French bit but the Dutch bit boasts a sign reading: "We sell gouda cheese and electronics.
Future plans include making gouda cheese and possibly ice cream.
This philosophy has taken the Schep family a long way since they opened the doors to their Gouda cheese factory at their Thunder Oak Cheese farm, 20 kilometres southwest of Thunder Bay.
The core of Mantinga's product range is bread, which encompasses a wide variety of specialities from across Europe including seeded baguettes, a Gouda cheese loaf and Danish Gipfel with poppy seeds.
Matinga is already a large brand in the Baltic and managing director Steven Macintosh has high hopes for his bakery range, which includes part-baked and fully-baked products such as seeded baguettes, pizza slices and a Gouda cheese loaf.
Yet nearly all isolates produced gas during ripening of Gouda cheese when they were inoculated at high numbers.
MEN (over 60) 1,500mg: 8oz milk, 8oz yoghurt, 1/2 cup custard, 2oz hazelnuts, 1cup broccoli, 8oz orange juice, 10 dried prunes, 6oz halibut, 2oz Gouda cheese
coli O157 were confirmed in relation to the consumption of raw milk Gouda cheese produced by California-based Bravo Farms.
The full fat Gouda cheese in a total amount of 6 556 kg.