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(ˈgʊər mənˌdaɪz)

v.i. -dized, -diz•ing.
to enjoy good food and drink, esp. in lavish quantity.
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Verb1.gourmandize - overeat or eat immodestlygourmandize - overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself; "She stuffed herself at the dinner"; "The kids binged on ice cream"
eat - eat a meal; take a meal; "We did not eat until 10 P.M. because there were so many phone calls"; "I didn't eat yet, so I gladly accept your invitation"
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After June all the little Court Society of Pumpernickel used to separate, according to the German plan, and make for a hundred watering-places, where they drank at the wells, rode upon donkeys, gambled at the redoutes if they had money and a mind, rushed with hundreds of their kind to gourmandise at the tables d'hote, and idled away the summer.
She is from Bordeaux, and began at the one-star Michelin restaurant Campagneet Gourmandises in Biarritz.
Shaun Parsons, complex general manager at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre, noted that it is now extremely common for business executives to pop into Gourmandises not just on a weekly, but a daily basis.
The newly transformed lobby also plays host to the hotel's patisserie Gourmandises Cafe and signature F&B outlet, Latitude 25, a contemporary cafe by day and a bar by night, with Illy coffee and daily `sparkling cocktails' in the evening.
Les Gourmandises de Nina & Luna, PS45 (50ml) Nina has notes of: lemonade, pina colada and caramelised praline Luna has notes of: pear, pink grapefruit, coconut milk and caramel 'Two fragrances both very much in the "good enough to eat" category.
Durant le ramadan, les Algeroises animaient leurs longues soirees par des retrouvailles organisees, au cours desquelles elles appreciaient la presence d'une dame agee en l'ecoutant raconter, avec un art que seules les vieilles personnes ont le secret, des histoires et autres contes, autour d'une table basse garnie de differentes gourmandises et de the.
Les Gourmandises, the hotel's cafe, has already reopened.
Meanwhile, if you're planning to serve a beef and Guinness stew with champ potato and want an easy drinking red with plenty of ripe black fruits to integrate with the beef, vegetables and stout, try Gourmandises Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 IGP Pays d'Oc, France (PS8.
Meanwhile, if you're planning to serve a beef and Guinness stew with champ potato, try Gourmandises Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 IGP Pays d'Oc, France (PS8.
Some of the mailings ask for a fee before you'll be sent a prize, others like notorious Delices & Gourmandises want you to place orders with their catalogue.
22-year old Frenchman Theo Pelleschi, Executive Pastry chef of Eugenie Les Gourmandises, may be young, but he has experience well beyond his years.
Michelin-star chef Richard Toix left his restaurant Passions et Gourmandises in Saint-Benoit, France, for a while to cook at the Tivoli of the Mandarin Oriental Manila.