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In Italy, meanwhile, lack of governability and more turmoil are the only certainties after the March 5 election, which saw the spectacular rise of the Eurosceptic Five Star Movement and the anti-immigration Northern League, an ally of Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia.
The Minister of Finance, as President of the Council, has stated that the objective of the Andorran Statistical Council should be to improve the governability of statistics and to make the statistics that are generated to be as useful as possible.
Protests growing into social unrest and/or political instability would pose risks to the nation's governability and economic growth.
Frequent parliamentary boycotts, nepotism, factional rivalries and racist approaches were further concomitants, questioning its governability generally.
The curious thing is that even though all the participants in the dialogues talked about governability, which is an important concept, they did not offer proposals on how they would achieve this," she said.
In an interview with teleSUR, Samper said that the impeachment was "compromising the democratic governability of the region in a dangerous way.
The rating agency said in a statement that "worsening governability conditions and increased risk of policy paralysis" was one of the main drivers for the move, which comes with Rousseff fighting for her political life under the threat of impeachment.
credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service put the country's sovereign rating on review Wednesday, citing "worsening governability conditions and increased risk of policy paralysis.
A deeper recession and net job destruction, reduced popularity of President Rousseff, tensions bet ween the government and congress, expanding reach of Petrobras investigations and risks of presidential impeachment are clouding the political environment and creating governability challenges and policy uncertainty.
The government said it was "permanently ready to compromise with the Socialists" to secure their support and ensure the governability of the country.
However, given the unprecedented recent political events, we can no longer rule out the possibility that a prolonged political crisis could lead to an institutional and governability crisis, contributing to periods of economic policy unpredictability and adversely impacting Guatemala's macroeconomic prospects.
Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq should be lessons enough in how Arab and foreign armies that move into Arab countries only create conditions of chaos and a lack of governability.