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C Gowden to Govt & Aided Primary , High schools and NGO kitchen centers Of Belagavi dist
The mead was a' in a licht, licht mist O' flowers tall and fair; Blithe rang the bells on the mantles green, Bonny and bricht glowed the gowden een, And the locks o' the lint-white hair.
And gowden was her hair, But clay cold were her rosey lips, Nae spark of life was there.
The candidates are George Atkinson of Atkinson and Associates, Joy Colovin of Antelope Valley Press, Gary Cothran of Antelope Valley Hospital, Matt Ellis of the Lancaster JetHawks, Jake Gowden of Comarco Airport Services, Pam Holland of Mass Media Ink, Ken Mann of McDonald's Restaurants, Joseph Medicis of GTE, Gary Simpson of Waste Management of Lancaster, Natalie Snyder of Lancaster Sports Medicine, Mark Thompson of Law Offices of Mark E.