Grab game

a theft committed by grabbing or snatching a purse or other piece of property.

See also: Grab

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It was a real smash and grab game in those windy conditions.
Debuting with the popular MONOPOLY licensed brand, the Super Money Grab game is sure to be the first of many exciting new games in this revolutionary new product category from WMS.
Stunning goal to open the scoring but failed to grab game by scruff of the neck.
Ian Black 6 Failed to grab game by scruff of the neck but kept it simple.
The B's didn't come out and grab Game 7 by the throat right off the bat, and they looked sluggish at times, but Washington had a lot to do with that.
Allow editors to grab game footage for immediate publication while the game was still being recorded.
The Money Grab game has been an instant success with games showing an average daily net win rate at about the same level as the first MONOPOLY games in Nevada in fiscal 1999.
Never managed to grab game by the scruff of its neck.
6 PETER WHITTINGHAM Needs to grab games like this by the scruff of the neck, but was unlucky to see his second-half free-kick bounce back off the post.
The Brazilian has undoubted talent but doesn't grab games by the scruff of the neck to influence the outcome in Boro's favour.
WHEREVER he was pitched, left-back, left-midfield or bang in the middle Villa's skipper was able to grab games by the scruff of the neck.