spell checker

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spell checker

or spell·check·er (spĕl′chĕk′ər)
An application within most word processing programs that checks for spelling errors in documents.

spell check v.


(or spell′ing) check`er,

a computer program for checking the spelling of words in an electronic document.
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Tarakeeb is an automated grammar checker that can help teach or improve Arabic language and was devised by Lama Ahmad from NYUAD; Fahmi Alnajjar from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan; Maha Amjad from NUCES FAST, Pakistan; Skye Im from NYU Shanghai and Shorook Saleh from the University of Sharjah, UAE.
OCaml's big selling point is its "type system," which is something like Microsoft Word's grammar checker, except that instead of just putting a squiggly green line underneath code it thinks is wrong, it won't let you run it.
Other learning features include color-coded tabs, boxes on out-smarting the computer software's grammar checker, and ESL tips and cross-references throughout.
The Punjabi grammar checker, developed by Advanced Centre for Technical Devlopment of Punjabi Language,Literature and Culture, Punjabi University, Patiala, can detect and suggest rectifications for a number of grammatical errors in literary style Punjabi texts.
En el funcionamiento de este tipo de correctores conocidos como parser-based grammar checker, primero se identifica cada una de las palabras del texto (funcion conocida como tagging) y luego se realiza un analisis sintactico (funcion conocida como parsing).
The author proposes a possible extension for a well-known open source grammar checker Language Tool.
When I asked the student how she could write such nonsense, she confessed that she had relied on a spelling and grammar checker and their auto-correct functions only, that she hadn't taken the time to proofread, not even on screen.
There are some suggestions that become very annoying; for example, if you are continually reminded to use "that" instead of "which" or to avoid passive voice, it is possible to switch off specific aspects of the grammar checker.
Relying on a computer's spelling or grammar checker teaches us that nothing takes the place of careful proofing.
Far more than just a spelling and grammar checker, like the ones built into Microsoft Word, WhiteSmoke performs a black art known as "text enrichment.
Cysill is a sophisticated spelling and grammar checker, with many new features, including a pop-up dictionary translating from Welsh into English, invaluable to those whose knowledge of Welsh is elementary.
It might seem like a minor complaint, but when you're used to being able to do little things like obtain a word count on a paragraph, check stock quotes in a reference window, or even rely on a robust grammar checker, Works just comes up short.