Grand cross

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The highest rank of knighthood in the Order of the Bath.
A knight grand cross.

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Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Brazen Crown, Perpetual Arch-Master of the Rosicrucian Masons of Mesopotamia; Attached (in Honorary Capacities) to Societies Musical, Societies Medical, Societies Philosophical, and Societies General Benevolent, throughout Europe; etc.
A thanksgiving service was arranged, Kutuzov was awarded the Grand Cross of Maria Theresa, and the whole army received rewards.
It was that of a man, from five to eight and thirty, in the uniform of a general officer, wearing the double epaulet of heavy bullion, that indicates superior rank, the ribbon of the Legion of Honor around his neck, which showed he was a commander, and on the right breast, the star of a grand officer of the order of the Saviour, and on the left that of the grand cross of Charles III.
When he returned to India there was a blaze of glory, for the Viceroy himself made a special visit to confer upon the Maharajah the Grand Cross of the Star of India--all diamonds and ribbons and enamel; and at the same ceremony, while the cannon boomed, Purun Dass was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire; so that his name stood Sir Purun Dass, K.
In a ceremony at Windsor Castle, the Queen handed President Karzai the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, a senior knighthood.
He called at the home of an 86-year-old woman on Grand Cross Road in Dalton shortly after noon on Tuesday.
Ranks in the Order are Knight or Dame Grand Cross (GBE), Knight or Dame Commander (KBE or DBE), Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE) and Member (MBE).
2) French President Jacques Chirac puts the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor on the coffin of U.
Amid calls for a new "Entente Amicale" between the two countries, the Queen made Mr Sarkozy an Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath.
Sir Keith Mills, Lord Coe's deputy on the organising committee, was awarded the Knight Grand Cross.
The Grand Cross of the Order of the German Eagle was the highest -honour the Reich could bestow on a foreigner.
She was the recipient of several citations that included, Bearer of Grand Cross of Color Award from the Rainbow Grand Assembly, and was named Grand Representative to Arkansas for the Order of Eastern Star in 1994.