Grand Guignol

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Grand Gui·gnol

 (gräN gē-nyôl′)
Drama that emphasizes the horrifying or the macabre.

[After Le Grand Guignol, a theater in Paris.]

Grand Guignol

(ɡrɑ̃ ɡiɲɔl)
a. a brief sensational play intended to horrify
b. (modifier) of, relating to, or like plays of this kind
[C20: after Le Grand Guignol, a small theatre in Montmartre, Paris]

Grand Gui•gnol

(Fr. grɑ̃ giˈnyɔl)
1. a short drama stressing horror and sensationalism.
2. of, pertaining to, or resembling such a drama.
[1905–10; after Le Grand Guignol, small theater in Paris where such dramas were performed]

Grand Guignol

1. A French term for a play that is intended to horrify the audience, from the name of a theater in Paris that specialized in plays of this kind.
2. A French total horror genre.
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Noun1.Grand Guignol - a play of a macabre or horrific nature
drama, dramatic play, play - a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage; "he wrote several plays but only one was produced on Broadway"
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License To Thrill are a local theatre company based in Liverpool who specialise in devising, writing and performing plays in the style of the French traditional theatre practice, Grand Guignol.
Two of the three tales end unpleasantly (the third just peters out), with Grand Guignol flourishes that seem excessive when the rest of the film is so flat.
To be fair, that was of a piece with Pountney's grand guignol vision of the opera as a sort of sequel to WNO's 2013 Lulu - even to the extent of recycling Johan Engels' brutal steel-framework of a set.
05PM Sexually repressed nun Vanessa Redgrave suffers the Lust Temptation of a wanton Bride of Christ in Ken Russell's notorious carnival of lost souls - part depraved political pantomime, part camp Grand Guignol.
Burning Your Boats is a dark collection, one that will take many hours to finish: each story requires rereading to fully absorb it, and the Grand Guignol intensity of many of the tales requires a periodic break.
After having a vision of Mina at the Grand Guignol theatre, Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, Frankenstein, Ethan and Semebene explore the empty building.
Following the philosophy of the Grand Guignol of Paris, these plays will be, in essence, "hot and cold showers,'' with a light-hearted episode being followed by weightier fare.
8), for instance, dark industrial pylons loom on a far hill, trailing wires haphazardly, as if under the influence of the messy scene of industrial Grand Guignol in the foreground.
This effort to carve out a self-reliant, independent model of practice, one predicated on spontaneous context-specific responses--not the Grand Guignol theatrics found in much of their work--was the key characteristic of Post-Sense Sensibility.
And in a Grand Guignol coup de theatre that drew titters on Apr.
Grand Guignol excess was never more evident than at Steve Olson's recent Coming Out Party art exhibition, held at 800 North La Cieniega.

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