Grand lodge

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the chief lodge, or governing body, among Freemasons and other secret orders.

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He was also the deputy grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England from 1844 to 1866.
He stole amounts ranging from PSBut yesterday his barrister applied to have him re-arraigned and he admitted one charge of fraud by abuse of position plus 14 counts of stealing PS121,504 from the Provinicial Grand Lodge of Antrim, which has its headquarters in Rosemary Street, Belfast.
The first Grand Lodge for Freemasons was founded in London 300 years ago.
The award was made in front of 1,100 Freemasons at the annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge in Harrogate.
THE Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire have made a PS500 donation to Cerebral Palsy Midlands, who run a community day centre for adults with cerebral palsy and other related disabilities.
Members of the Freemasons from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham were shown the sponsored stones which make up Durham Cathedral's Great Kitchen as part of the PS10m Open Treasure project.
In the early 18th century, black Freemasons were not eligible for membership in existing American lodges; meanwhile, 18th century Paris had integrated memberships, and the Grand Lodge of England was the first chapter to grant an official charter for an exclusively black lodge.
The United Grand Lodge of England (male only) and its female equivalents have an amicable informal relationship.
BGV has won numerous ARDY Awards over the years including the top award by BGV's Marketing Service Team, Best Manager or Team-- BGV's Event Team, and for best In House Sales Team--BGV's Grand Lodge on Peak 7.
In one document dated 1975, GE-len was said to have taken the oath to join the Grand Lodge of Liberal Freemasons of Turkey, a small splinter group established in 1966 after a schism with the Grand Lodge, the largest of several Masonic Grand Lodges operating in Turkey.
BIRMINGHAM charity Cerebral Palsy Midlands has been delighted to receive a cheque for PS500 from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire, on behalf of the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association.
Included in the procession were members of the King's Royal Regiment of New York, six members of the 84th Regiment of Foot, also known as the Royal Highland Emigrants and representatives of the Grand Lodge of Quebec.