Grand lodge

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the chief lodge, or governing body, among Freemasons and other secret orders.

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James Bevan, South Wales Provincial Grand Secretary, and John Hamill, communications director for the United Grand Lodge of England - have been invited to Wednesday's meeting of the standards of conduct committee to give their views on the European decision that article 11 of the human rights' convention had been breached when an Italian magistrate was refused promotion because he had been disciplined for once having been a mason.
Straw is asking the United Grand Lodge, the freemasons' ruling body, for "full co- operation".
Mr McGibbon says Scott was not employed directly by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.
But his 20-minute performance, in which he used the F-word and poked fun at blacks, Jews and the establishment, went down so badly a string of complaints were sent to the Masons Grand Lodge.
By constantly affirming that the policies of Grand Lodge must be adhered to, that there should be no contact with the Parades Commission, the leadership is acting against the best interests of the Institution and the long-established Orange parading tradition.
She correctly suggests that this grand lodge was perceived as being an "Estates General of the Republic" and that some middle-class cultural elites within Dutch Masonry well might have been associated with the deistic circle of John Toland or with the quasi-Masonic organization known as the Knights of Jubilation.
Existing BGV owners from Gold Point Resort, Grand Timber Lodge and the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 will have first priority to purchase at the exceptional property.
The Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire West Riding then matched this with a further pounds 500.
The Northumberland Provincial Grand Lodge donated pounds 500 after a plea from fund-raiser Craig Simpson ( and the Athel Lodge threw in an extra fifty quid.
GRAND LODGE got the better of a thrilling battle with Stonehatch to land the Dewhurst Stakes at Newmarket.
The Grand Lodge colt displayed fair form in his four maidens before getting off the mark at Ripon in July.
Grand Lodge of Ireland's director of services Dr David Hume said: "I hope it doesn't jar.