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Noun1.Ulysses S. Grant - 18th President of the United StatesUlysses S. Grant - 18th President of the United States; commander of the Union armies in the American Civil War (1822-1885)
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Other awards will offer postgraduates a program of training in research, research management, and grant administration under the guidance of IDRC program staff.
The procurement rules governing purchases made with grant funds changed when the new Uniform Guidance on grant administration was implemented as an interim final rule in late December 2014.
Though many have significant grant administration experience, some in the division have undergraduate and advanced degrees in diverse subjects, including law, education, English and international politics.
Department of Housing and Urban Development studied a three-year period of block grant administration, and concluded that Worcester failed to meet numerous key requirements, including ensuring that activities were eligible under federal guidelines, that national objectives were met, and that loan programs were effectively and efficiently conducted.
By shifting the social assistance function to national government and reducing the pressure of grant administration on provincial budgets, the aim was to free up provincial departments to focus on improving core service delivery.
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manage the grant administration for the Home Access programme brings us one
The first section covers origins and early development of an idea, drawing up a proposal, finding funding sources, submitting a proposal, grant administration, and evaluation of a project.
In the area of grant administration, we had traditionally managed our grant portfolio with numerous Excel spreadsheets and other "shadow" systems.
The office surveyed federal grantees and found continuing problems including a "lack of standardization and continued inefficiencies in grant administration across agencies and technological difficulties with implementing Grants.
The reduction in the GO's grant administration role means that, over time, fewer junior staff will be required.
By offering a variety of scholarship and loan programs, providing a mechanism for more efficient and effect grant administration for research, and recognizing thought leadership in higher education through the Minerva Academy and Prize, the Minerva Institute is dedicated to solutions that will improve higher education on a global scale.