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1. Characteristic of or having to do with comedy.
2. Of or relating to comic strips.
3. Amusing; humorous: a comic situation involving the family's pets.
a. A comedian.
b. A person whose behavior elicits laughter.
a. comics Comic strips.
b. A comic book.
3. A source of humor in art or life.

[Middle English comice, from Latin cōmicus, from Greek kōmikos, from kōmos, revel.]
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KAFFNY hosted the official launch of the complete film trilogy, as well as the soon-to-be released graphic album, which was viewable on iPad media stands during the festival weekend.
12, for writer/cartoonist Jamal Igle's graphic album series called “Molly Danger” at JHU Comic Books located at 32 East 32nd St.
Caught somewhere on the structural continuum between the comic book and the graphic novel, the graphic album was the staple of the French bande dessinee (BD) industry for decades until L'Association and other "alternative" BD publishers forged an audience for longer books in the early 1990s.
FACTORYRECORDS - THE COMPLETE GRAPHIC ALBUM, by Matthew Robertson (Thames and Hudson, pounds 18.
Factory Records - The Complete Graphic Album by Matthew Robertson, foreword by Tony Wilson (Thames and Hudson, pounds 18.
FACTO RY RECORDS - THE COMPLETE GRAPHIC ALBUM by Matthew Robertson, Foreword by Tony Wilson, published in paperback by Thames and Hudson priced pounds 18.
FACTORY RECORDS: THE COMPLETE GRAPHIC ALBUM could have been featured in our Music Shelf area but is profiled here for its artistic visual inspection of one British music label's eye-catching covers and productions.