Grass land

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land kept in grass and not tilled.

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Two days and nights he had spent crawling across that belt of grass land.
But Ngurn affirmed the long years of his long life, wherein he had gazed upon many starry nights, yet never had he found a star on grass land or in jungle depth--and he had looked for them.
When he, Ngurn, had been a young man, the tribes beyond the grass lands had made a war raid.
Their few precious knives, made from lengths of hoop-iron, and their few and more precious tomahawks from cheap trade hatchets, he had surmised they had captured in war from the bushmen of the jungle beyond the grass lands, and that they, in turn, had similarly gained them from the salt-water men who fringed the coral beaches of the shore and had contact with the occasional white men.
To the left stretched a vast expanse of rich, undulating veld or grass land, whereon we could just make out countless herds of game or cattle, at that distance we could not tell which.
And those that held Phylace and the flowery meadows of Pyrasus, sanctuary of Ceres; Iton, the mother of sheep; Antrum upon the sea, and Pteleum that lies upon the grass lands.
There's loads of overgrown grass land around that with a safe fence up would save some lives.
The plots of land earmarked for sale are: Church Lane, Birstall, currently |small grass land with trees; Cliffewood Rise, Clayton West, |currently grass land with trees at the end of a cul de sac; North Road, Ravensthorpe, |open grass land between existing houses; Battye Street, Dewsbury, open |grass land between existing houses; North and south of Leak Hall | Crescent, Denby Dale, open grass land with trees at the end of a cul de sac and a second plot referred to on the council's map as Denby Green which is a small patch of grass land.
The worst of the fires were on Llwynypia Mountain, near Tonypandy, yesterday, where 25 hectares of grass land were destroyed.
Deliberately setting fires on grass land and open spaces is arson and those caught will be prosecuted.
According to the standard of the Second China Land Census, the classifications (Figure 5) were regrouped to reduce the number of land-use types to nine: arable land, orchard land, forest land, grass land, urbanized land, rural settlement, transportation corridors, water areas, and other land (marsh, sand, bare land).