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n.1.The state of abounding with grass; a grassy state.
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Whisky and cheese may not be widely considered natural bedfellows but British Cheese Board research found whisky has several flavours not found in wine but which are in cheese, including grassiness, barrel fermented notes, and even saltiness.
99) is also good value as this New Zealand dry white has grassiness, crisp citrus fruit and a touch of minerality.
It has the lovely classic grassiness of a fresh sauvignon blanc with flavours of citrus and gooseberry.
It has a fresh grassiness with flavours of grapefruit citrus.
29) has a very lively, green apple nose with a little grassiness in there as well.
The bouquet is nice and fresh, with ripe green melon aromas and a touch of citrus; not New Zealand in style, and not the grassiness of California either, this is a delicious wine showing a fullc haracter, excellent balance and notable complexity.
Slightly sweet on the palate with medium acidity and fruit intensity of green apples, grapes and some grassiness.
It exhibits a touch of the grassiness typical of this varietal, thankfully not overly so, has good finish and is truly a bargain at this price.
Cuba Libre prefers Leblon Cachaca, which Gallo considers an "Americanized" version with a toned down grassiness that gives it more of a mass appeal.
Vineyards in these regions offer stony soil and favorable conditions for producing excellent crisp, fresh Sauvignon Blanc with intense fruit and grassiness flavors.
I thought I detected a slight grassiness in both aroma and afterstate.