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One that digs graves.


someone whose job is to dig the ground to make a grave


(ˈgreɪvˌdɪg ər)

a person whose occupation is digging graves.
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Noun1.gravedigger - a person who earns a living by digging gravesgravedigger - a person who earns a living by digging graves
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
حَفّار القُبور
mezar kazıcı


[ˈgreɪvˌdɪgəʳ] Nsepulturero/a m/f


[ˈgreɪvdɪgər] nfossoyeur m


[ˈgreɪvˌdɪgəʳ] nbecchino, affossatore m


(greiv) noun
a plot of ground, or the hole dug in it, in which a dead person is buried. He laid flowers on the grave.
ˈgravedigger noun
a person whose job is digging graves.
ˈgravestone noun
a stone placed at a grave on which the dead person's name etc is written.
ˈgraveyard noun
a place where the dead are buried.
References in classic literature ?
Ah, Barbara, darling, I can see that you want me to be taken away to the Volkovo Cemetery in a broken-down old hearse, with some poor outcast of the streets to accompany my coffin as chief mourner, and the gravediggers to heap my body with clay, and depart and leave me there.
We got to the graveyard by half-past one, and strolled about, keeping out of official observation, so that when the gravediggers had completed their task and the sexton under the belief that every one had gone, had locked the gate, we had the place all to ourselves.
The gravediggers must have sworn at getting drenched by the snow.
Wopsle in a comprehensive black cloak, being descried entering at the turnpike, the gravedigger was admonished in a friendly way, "Look out
I began now to think my cave or vault finished, when on a sudden (it seems I had made it too large) a great quantity of earth fell down from the top on one side; so much that, in short, it frighted me, and not without reason, too, for if I had been under it, I had never wanted a gravedigger.
Contract notice: Acquisition of work clothes and safety for technical services and green spaces - lot 5 - clothes of gravediggers - years 2017-2021
The gravediggers were forced to quietly bury the deceased in the darkness of the night.
reported that gravediggers and locals while belying the Indian army's claim told media persons that the slain men were civilians, who were well into their eighties.
A FUNERAL was halted after bungling council gravediggers dug the wrong plot.
The bondage-style scene was deemed so racy that ATV was flooded with complaints when the episode, entitled The Gravediggers, was aired on October 7, 1965.
There are so many bodies that gravediggers have squeezed them in anywhere they can.
Mr Linnane said the 8ft depth "puts the lives of gravediggers in danger".