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One that digs graves.


someone whose job is to dig the ground to make a grave


(ˈgreɪvˌdɪg ər)

a person whose occupation is digging graves.
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Noun1.gravedigger - a person who earns a living by digging gravesgravedigger - a person who earns a living by digging graves
laborer, labourer, manual laborer, jack - someone who works with their hands; someone engaged in manual labor
حَفّار القُبور
mezar kazıcı


[ˈgreɪvˌdɪgəʳ] Nsepulturero/a m/f


[ˈgreɪvdɪgər] nfossoyeur m


[ˈgreɪvˌdɪgəʳ] nbecchino, affossatore m


(greiv) noun
a plot of ground, or the hole dug in it, in which a dead person is buried. He laid flowers on the grave.
ˈgravedigger noun
a person whose job is digging graves.
ˈgravestone noun
a stone placed at a grave on which the dead person's name etc is written.
ˈgraveyard noun
a place where the dead are buried.
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David Homer was recognised with an award after turning gravedigging into an art
Sakeeb said he was given the job of gravedigging after a volunteer was injured in a crash and needed someone to take over the job.
There's the gravedigging sexton beetle, life and death on the Skerries for a colony of tern chicks, the shenanigans of some frisky deer and some myth-busting about spiders.
Councils charge for burials based on three main areas - purchasing a plot, gravedigging (known as interment) and memorial headstones or other tributes.
For Greenberg's speaker the dead are "the first harvest," in soil still loose from the gravedigging.
The tribunal heard also how while men in traditional male roles such as refuse collecting, gravedigging and road sweeping were paid bonuses, women were not.
So he tried his hand at gravedigging and worked in a wallpaper shop.
One Tory MP even tried to boost his income with a spot of gravedigging, an investigation found.
In the case of Skyanne Housser's homegrown burial, things such as gravedigging, funeral shrouds, caskets and transportation all were planned ahead of time.
About 300 tonnes of clay were also dumped at the eight-acre site as a result of gravedigging in other parts of the town.