Graves disease

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Graves'′ disease`

a disease characterized by an enlarged thyroid and increased basal metabolism due to excessive thyroid secretion.
[1865–70; after R. J. Graves (1796–1853), Irish physician]
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Historically, research into surgical treatment of Graves disease has assessed subtotal rather than total thyroidectomy.
In humans, Graves disease is the result of an overactive what?
Risk factors for developmental disorders in infants born to women with Graves disease.
Belfiore et al (3) and Ozaki et al (4) have reported that thyroid cancer associated with graves disease had an aggressive course.
In 2010, she was admitted to the hospital after having a mild relapse of Graves disease, a thyroid condition for which she was treated in 1989.
A patient with stress-related onset and exacerbations of Graves disease.
First, TRAb measurements are used to investigate the etiology of hyperthyroidism when the diagnosis is not clinically obvious; second, a declining TRAb concentration during long-term antithyroid drug therapy is suggestive of remission, although TRAb measurements can be misleading in 25% of such patients; third, TRAb is used in the follow-up of pregnant women with a history or recent onset of Graves disease to evaluate the risk of fetal and neonatal thyroid dysfunction (1).
In this report we present a case in whom hyperthroidism was found and Graves disease and papillary thyroid carcinoma were diagnosed while being investigated with a preliminary diagnosis of sarcoidosis.
IT was only a few weeks ago that I wrote an article about Graves Disease, an illness which I described as "not so grave".
Q My wife was diagnosed with Graves disease after she noticed a bulging in her left eye.