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n.1.(Geol.) A grayish or greenish compact rock, composed of feldspar and augite, and allied to basalt.
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Contractor address : 30 Graystone Street, Tingalpa, Brisbane, QLD, 179
Dr John Graystone, who has taken over as executive chairman of Agored following the retirement of chief executive Janet Barlow last month, said Access to Higher Education Diplomas were recognised by all universities in England and Wales.
Dr Greg Walker has taken over as head of Cardiff-based ColegauCymru following the retirement of Dr John Graystone this summer.
Marie and Ottawa, Graystone Environmental is a multi-disciplinary environmental firm offering legal counsel alongside technical services and policy advice.
Established by The Graystone Society's National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum to honor individuals who exhibit the qualities of Rebecca Lukens, the annual award will be presented to Ms.
Global Banking News-October 4, 2013--Morgan Stanley's Graystone Consulting hires Merrill Lynch Adviser(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Bruce Wiechert Custom Homes Inc, 6104 Graystone Loop; STR - New single family dwelling- Same As 6116 Graystone, Lot 15 Mt Gate W; $274,633.
Chief executive of ColegauCymru, Dr John Graystone, said: "The PISA figures are indeed disappointing.
Library manager Julie Graystone said: "They seem to have learned a lesson from it.
The first official Summer Solstice Festival was held in 1980 as a one-day event at the Graystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.
QI HOLD shares in Graystone, the engineering company, but I cannot find any listing for the shares and it is a long time since they were mentioned in the press.
In Seattle, Graystone buys industrial park from Trammell