Great burnet

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Poterium oficinalis (or Sanguisorba oficinalis).

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Meadows were enhanced and restored by spreading green hay from species-rich fields on sites that had lost many of their flowers such as lady's mantle, wood cranes-bill, yellow rattle, great burnet and melancholy thistle.
This area in the floodplain of the River Avon is being planted with plant plugs and wildflower seeds typical of floodplain meadows, such as great burnet and knapweed.
There is a native Sanguisorba officinalis, or great burnet, that we went to film among in a nearby meadow.
Consisting of two differently textured solutions that are mixed prior to use to form a rich cream, solution one is a condensed oil with winged bean seed extract and solution two contains a great burnet extract.
Other flowers include heath spotted orchids in June, greater bird's foot trefoil and black knapweed in July and fleabane, great burnet and devil's bit scabious in August.
On a damp meadow with little botanical interest apart froma few patches of great burnet, we foundtheygrazedout the burnet in one weekend.
Here 10 meadows support a rich mix of wildflowers and grasses, such as hay rattle, eyebright, great burnet and common knapweed.
The nature reserve features plants such as knapweed, cowslip, pignut, lady's bedstraw and great burnet.