Great Pyramid

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Noun1.Great Pyramid - a massive monument with a square base and four triangular sidesGreat Pyramid - a massive monument with a square base and four triangular sides; begun by Cheops around 2700 BC as royal tombs in ancient Egypt
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders of the World - impressive monuments created in the ancient world that were regarded with awe
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Only a poor girl - only a stroller - only James Harthouse made nothing of - only James Harthouse a Great Pyramid of failure.
The Great Pyramid put it into his head to go up the Nile.
It would overtop the Houses of Parliament, and even the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
Peter's, the Great Pyramid, the Strasburg Cathedral and the Capitol in Washington were clustered against that wall, a man sitting on its upper edge could not hang his hat on the top of any one of them without reaching down three or four hundred feet--a thing which, of course, no man could do.
Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza may be hiding a great secret.
The chosen queen for today is Queen Henusten; she is one of the Fourth Dynasty queens, and she is the wife of the Great Pyramid constructor King Khufu.
Ashraf Mohey, general manager of the pyramids area, welcomed Psilou and Shaaban and took them on a tour of the complex, where they visited the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the rest of the pyramid complex.
A 30-meter hidden chamber was discovered buried deep within the Great Pyramid of Khufu by a team of scientists.
A study published on the journal Nature described the discovery of an unexplored empty space of around 30-meters, within the Great Pyramid of Khufu.
A MYSTERIOUS, 100ft-long corridor has been discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza.
THE Great Pyramid has been shrouded in mystery for millennia, but now a long-held secret of its structure might be known thanks to particle physics.
Meanwhile archaeologists have opened to the public a tomb containing the remains of the workers who built the Great Pyramid, near Cairo.