Greater London

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Greater London

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(ˈlʌn dən)

1. Jack (John Griffith Chaney), 1876–1916, U.S. novelist.
2. a metropolis in SE England, on the Thames: capital of the United Kingdom.
3. City of, an old city in the central part of the former county of London: the ancient nucleus of the modern metropolis. 4700; 1 sq. mi. (3 sq. km).
4. County of, a former administrative county comprising the City of London and 28 metropolitan boroughs, now part of Greater London.
5. Greater, an urban area comprising the city of London and 32 metropolitan boroughs. 6,967,500; 609 sq. mi. (1575 sq. km).
6. a city in S Ontario, in SE Canada. 303,165.
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Noun1.Greater London - the capital and largest city of EnglandGreater London - the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center
Big Ben - clock in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, London
Newgate - a former prison in London notorious for its unsanitary conditions and burnt down in riots in 1780; a new prison was built on the same spot but was torn down in 1902
Tower of London - a fortress in London on the Thames; used as a palace and a state prison and now as a museum containing the crown jewels
Old Bailey - the central criminal court in London
Fleet Street - a street in central London where newspaper offices are situated
Harley Street - a street in central London where the consulting rooms of many physicians and surgeons are located
Lombard Street - a street in central London containing many of the major London banks
Whitehall - a wide street in London stretching from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament; site of many government offices
Trafalgar Square - a square in central London where there is a memorial to Admiral Nelson
England - a division of the United Kingdom
City of London, the City - the part of London situated within the ancient boundaries; the commercial and financial center of London
Greenwich - a borough of Greater London on the Thames; zero degrees of longitude runs through Greenwich; time is measured relative to Greenwich Mean Time
Bloomsbury - a city district of central London laid out in garden squares
Soho - a city district of central London now noted for restaurants and nightclubs
Wembley - a southeastern part of Greater London that is the site of the English national soccer stadium
West End - the part of west central London containing the main entertainment and shopping areas
City of Westminster, Westminster - a borough of Greater London on the Thames; contains Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey
Pall Mall - a fashionable street in London noted for its many private clubs
Wimbledon - a suburb of London and the headquarters of the club where annual international tennis championships are played on grass courts
Londoner - a native or resident of London

Greater London

nGroß-London nt
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One dark winter night - it had struck nine some time before the landlord joined us - there was a sick man in the George, a great neighbouring proprietor suddenly struck down with apoplexy on his way to Parliament; and the great man's still greater London doctor had been telegraphed to his bedside.
They highlighted development opportunities arising in the Greater London area, citing as an example the AUB Greater London Residential Development Opportunity, a fund which has been filed with and acknowledged by the Central Bank of Bahrain, which enables clients to acquire shares in a collective investment vehicle focusing on mid-market residential schemes in Greater London and delivering returns through the development and sale of completed schemes.
The GLA holds its interest in BRL through its commercial subsidiary, Greater London Authority Holdings Limited which in turn 100 % owns GLAP, which then owns the shares in BRL.
Highlights & inclusions A Circle Seat at the Royal Albert Hall for 'Carols with the Stars' (ticket upgrades available) A short panoramic London sightseeing tour Shopping and sightseeing in London One night's bed and continental breakfast accommodation in the Greater London area Coach travel from the local area Escorted by a friendly tour manager QUOTE LPE Call 0330 160 7726 Visit newmarket.
Highlights & inclusions A Saturday evening ticket for Beautiful (upgrades available) Leisure time in a four-star luxury hotel Free time in London for shopping and sightseeing One night's bed and Full English breakfast in a four-star hotel in Greater London Coach travel from the local area Escorted by a friendly tour manager Carols with the Stars Royal Albert Hall concert break 2 days from PS139.
Meanwhile Teesside has the 11th highest crime rate in England and Wales, outside the Greater London area.
THE cost of renting homes in the West Midlands has risen faster than in Greater London in the past year, new data reveals.
Two nights' bed and full English breakfast at a four-star hotel in the Greater London area ?
One night's bed and continental breakfast in a good hotel in the Greater London area ?
All of the increase in footfall in June came about from just four areas in the UK - Scotland, Greater London, West Midlands and Wales - with Greater London and Wales performing particularly strongly, with a 2.
uk/our-clinics/beckenham/) instructor has recently opened his newest clinc helping residents of the Beckenham Greater London BR33 areas using Osteopathy and Pilates to deal with rehabilitation, sports massage, acupuncture, pregnant women, and a range of treatments for shoulder, neck, and back pain.
Tenants include Global Companies, Household-name Retailers and Popular Restaurants; Leading Hotel Brand and the Greater London Authority

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