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 (grĕk′ō-rō′mən, grē′kō-)
Of or relating to both Greece and Rome: Greco-Roman mythology.


(ˌgri koʊˈroʊ mən, ˌgrɛk oʊ-)

1. of or having both Greek and Roman characteristics: the Greco-Roman influence.
2. a style of wrestling in which the contestants are forbidden to trip, tackle, or use holds below the waist.
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Adj.1.Greco-Roman - of or pertaining to or characteristic of the ancient Greek and Roman cultures; "classical mythology"; "classical
classical, classic - of or relating to the most highly developed stage of an earlier civilisation and its culture; "classic Cinese pottery"
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Not to consider here anything except the Christian architecture of Europe, that younger sister of the great masonries of the Orient, it appears to the eyes as an immense formation divided into three well-defined zones, which are superposed, the one upon the other: the Romanesque zone*, the Gothic zone, the zone of the Renaissance, which we would gladly call the Greco-Roman zone.
The federation will evaluate the competitions and test of this month's end at al-Kadhemiya club for Greco-Roman wrestling and al-Aadhamiya club for freestyle wrestling, he added.
However, not only does Walker's exegesis of 2 Cor 10:1 serve as a basis for a reading of 2 Cor 10-13 as a whole, but by situating the vocabulary of this verse in the context of Greco-Roman political and philosophical discourse his study has broader implications for understanding the relationship between Paul's Christology, apostolic leadership, and rhetorical strategy.
Steven Fine's Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World is an impressive, interdisciplinary study that, from the perspective of a classical art historian and archaeologist, fills a major gap.
Thurston's Steve Hazel won the 171-pound weight class in both freestyle and Greco-Roman competition at the Oregon state high school wrestling championships in Roseburg.
in the Greco-Roman and Jewish sources" in order to "provide the context and insight for explicating the role of the centurion in Luke's writings" (7).
Eleven of its 16 wrestlers scored in the top 10 of their weight divisions and thus scored points, with the team ending second in freestyle wresting and fourth in Greco-Roman.
The country's other gold medal was won by Turkish Greco-Roman wrestler Ryza Kayaalp on Saturday in the 130 kg event.
The final day of wrestling at the Asian Wrestling Championships begins tomorrow at 9am with Greco-Roman 66kg, 75kg, 80kg, 98kg and 130kg.
Elmurat Tasmuradov of Uzbekistan beat Yuh Won Choi of North Korean to win gold in the Greco-Roman 59kg category at the Asian Wrestling Championships at Aspire yesterday.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's national team ranked the third in Greco-Roman Wrestling World Cup 2015.
The national team of Kyrgyzstan has won 3 medals during the First Youth Olympic Games in 2010 in Singapore: gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling and two bronze medals in judo and Greco-Roman wrestling.