of or designating a fraternity or sorority whose name consists usu. of two or three Greek letters.
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In 1776 when Phi Beta Kappa became the first Greek-letter fraternity established at William and Mary College, it became an organization which evolved to become the standard for excellence in collegiate academics that spurred the formation of other fraternal organizations.
Greek-letter organizations themselves do not play much of a role in Steppers With Class, but the team's competition schedule has brought the steppers out of Poughkeepsie and onto the campuses of America's colleges and universities--following a step event at Morehouse College, the team's only male member applied and won admission to the school.
Michelle Obama is an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA), the oldest Black Greek-letter sorority, established in 1908.
I liked the point about the hiring of BGLO (Black Greek-Letter Organizations) members as Greek Affairs advisers.
This single act, boycotting Arizona, has reignited the purpose and relevancy of historically African American Greek-letter organizations.
Research, utilizing a nationally representative sample of 3,712 Americans, revealed that Greek-letter membership increases the probability of college graduation more for African Americans than for European Americans.
Essays that explore the challenges and triumphs of black, Greek-letter organizations and the men and women who struggled for recognition and respect from white society within the halls of academia.
National Association of Student Affairs Professionals (NASAP) National Summit on Black Greek-Letter Organizations "A Critical Time for Change: Strengthening the Legacy, Part II" The Peabody Hotel Little Rock, Ark.
After Rochie died, at age 22, during a 1991 scuba-diving class, her sister Roya kept the shop open, and it now does a good trade in Greek-letter emblazoned license-plate frames, stickers, coffee mugs and clothing.
The store assembled a lot of "goody bags" filled with an assortment of Greek-letter tagged items.
Dobelle as Trinity's 18th president, promoted a vigorous neighborhood strategy, championed an ambitious comprehensive capital campaign, paved the way for the Campus Master Plan, shepherded the Target of Opportunity Program to increase minority faculty, and conducted a major study of the Greek-letter organizations.
Butler-McIntyre invites fellow members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, consisting of the nine historically African-American Greek-letter organizations, as well as all civic organizations to join the Sorority in supporting the film "The Help.